Selecting Your DUI Attorney

Finding a good DUI attorney is not always easy. The obvious considerations are DUI experience and knowledge of the people in the court system where your DUI is to be handled. Our firm certainly has the DUI experience, credentials and relationships to provide excellent DUI representation; however, we would like to offer you additional information worth considering when searching for the best DUI attorney.

We Exceed Basic Expectations

1. DUI Defense Experience
When selecting an attorney, look for experience � experience in the courtroom, experience with juries and experience with DUI law. Our firm is a criminal defense law firm and we are in court every day. Through trials and motion hearings, for more than 15 years the Semrau Law Firm has fought for individual rights in the face of an unprecedented criminalization of previously legal conduct. While every year increasing the penalties, the State of Georgia has been decreasing the legal limit for DUI-- from .12 to .10 to .08. Experience does matter, and we have been there for this fight and we will continue to fight for the rights of individuals.

2. Knowledge Of DUI Laws
We are often asked whether a Nolo plea can be used for DUI charges. The answer is yes, but there is no real benefit because the Georgia State Legislature passed laws years ago eliminating the benefits of a DUI Nolo plea. This is just one the many, many changes that have been made to Georgia�s DUI laws. Every year, the State of Georgia closes loopholes, increases penalties and creates new DUI crimes. Over the past 20 years, DUI law has changed more than any other area of the law. We travel across the United States to meet with other DUI Attorneys and participate in seminars and conferences on DUI laws. We never stop training and improving our techniques because we must be than our opponents. Scott Semrau is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and a NHTSA trained Field Sobriety Test Examiner.

3. Knowledge Of Court Personel
Every court has its own personnel and its own personality. No two people are alike and so it is also true that no two judges are alike. Our geographic practice area is Cobb and Cherokee Counties and we make it a priority to maintain professional relationships with all court personnel. Through years of dedicated and consistent work, we have earned the respect of the judges, prosecutors, court clerks and even law enforcement officers. These relationships mean that we are able to resolve DUI cases on a professional level without contentious interaction or cold indifference to our requests. Who you know does make a difference. We invite our prospective clients to ask any judge or any prosecutor in Cobb or Cherokee Counties to evaluate our law firm. We are 100% confident that the response will be favorable.

4. Specialized DUI Traning
Its impossible to be an expert at everything, and we believe that limiting our practice areas allows us consistently be the lawyers in the Courtroom with superior and cutting edge knowledge. To stay at the top of our field, we subscribe and contribute to DUI treatises, books and journals, attend seminars and training symposiums, network with other DUI lawyers and regularly meet with expert witnesses for the latest scientific updates. We monitor the Georgia General Assembly and we are politically active in Judicial and Legislative elections. Scott Semrau is a member of the National College of DUI Defense. Check out our blog for news of our latest DUI training.

5. Proven DUI Trial Skills
How many DUI trials have you had in the last year? Where were they? Have you ever had a case with this judge? With this prosecutor? These are perfectly legitimate questions that we�re happy to answer. You wouldn�t hire a surgeon who has never performed surgery, why hire a lawyer who has never won a DUI trial? No lawyer wins every case, but an effective lawyer must have a reputation for being a skilled litigator.

6. Trial Preparation And Staffing
We know there is no substitution for solid preparation, and that�s why every DUI that we accept will be thoroughly investigated. Our typical investigation for every case includes examining the police reports and the police Cruiser video, visiting the scene of the DUI, requesting police officer training records, interviewing witnesses, and requesting all maintenance records and jail videos. We routinely utilize the services of expert witness, such as a field sobriety testing experts, toxicologists, or Intoxylizer 5000 experts. We want to win our cases, so we�ll do anything we can to improve the chances for a good result.

We Offer Even More

  • 1. Free DUI Consultation - We do not charge for an initial consultation. When you make an appointment we can advise you of what to expect, possible outcomes and let you know the costs of our services, fines or other costs. We appreciate the opportunity to speak with you personally.

  • 2. Qualified Attorney Representation - means that at The Semrau Law Firm your be paid up front. the same lawyer who appears in court on your behalf. We are a boutique dui defense law firm � not a "DUI Mill". We take your DUI case as seriously as you do.

  • 3. Trial Attorney Experience - If your DUI case results in jury trial you can have complete confidence in our abilities in conducting an aggressive trial defense. Our trial attorney experience goes beyond DUI�s to include major felony defense such as murder and rape. When you hire an attorney with our firm you have an attorney that can truly take your case to the best possible outcome in any event.

  • 4. Fees That Can Save Money - Our fees are set case by case and we don�t collect a trial fee unless the case goes to trial. We know that our clients want value so we use investigators and paralegals whenever possible to reduce the cost of representations. We also let our clients decide whether to employ experts or incur extraordinary expenses. We prefer that our fees be paid up front, but we can make exceptions. We know that legal expenses are often unexpected and that our client�s must often use financial resources that are difficult to access.

If you have a DUI you have enough to worry about without adding worries over the quality of your DUI attorney. We have the experience, knowledge and legal defense passion to provide exceptional DUI defense services. We invite you to call us today to set an appointment for your free DUI consultation.

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"I cannot imagine a more prepared, focused and intense lawyer. Simply put, Scott Semrau is an excellent attorney that we are extremely grateful to have engaged."
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