Important DUI Information

We sincerely hope that you are reading this within a few days of your arrest. If more than 10 business days have passed, then contact the Georgia Department of Driver�s Services and inquire as to the validity of your license and then contact a lawyer.

Step 1: Protect Your Driver's License

First, a DUI arrest alone does not suspend your license. But if you refused to take the state administered blood alcohol test or if you took the state test and your blood alcohol level was over the legal limit (.02 for a driver under 21 years-old, .04 if you were driving a commercial vehicle, .08 for everyone else) then you probably received a Notice of Suspension � 1205 Form. If you are given a Notice of Suspension Form, the officer is required to take your driver�s license. So if you still have your license, then it is likely that a notice of suspension was not filed.

A copy of a notice of suspension is pictured here. It is a yellow carbon copy paper with the words "Georgia Department of Driver�s Services" at the top. Read this form carefully, on both sides, and make certain that you understand what it means for your future.

This paper is commonly called a "1205 Form". It informs you that you have ten business days to file an objection or your license will be suspended 30 days from the date of your arrest. If an objection is not filed, then your license will be suspended.

Even if you did not receive a 1205 Form DO NOT ASSUME that your license will not be suspended. Inexperienced officers might nevertheless submit a suspension. We recommend that you file an objection in every situation.

We can file all necessary legal documents for you, but it is possible for you to file an objection to the suspension. Doing so will temporarily preserve your license and entitle you to a hearing before a judge. Actually filing the objection is not complicated, but you will absolutely need a lawyer to assist you at the Department of Drivers Services Hearing. If you choose to do any of this yourself, and make any mistakes, you can easily cost yourself your driving privileges for one year.

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