Frequently Asked DUI Questions

Can You Really Help Me?

Yes. We have a remarkable rate of success. Our �secret recipe� is no secret: we have superior knowledge of the law and we are very skilled at what we do. Mostly, we set our sights high and maintain high expectations. Make no mistake, every case is different, and if your case looks bad, we�ll let you know.

Am I Going To Jail?

Yes. Having been a DUI lawyer for more than 15 years, I have seen the terms of incarceration for DUI go up and up. DUI now carries mandatory jail time for even a first conviction. Make no mistake; DUI is treated by the Judges and Prosecutors as a serious offense. People use our firm because they don�t want a DUI conviction and they don�t want to go to jail. Our job is getting you a non dui result, and to keep you out of jail--we usually succeed.

Why do I keep hearing about �10 days�

Please go to �READ THIS FIRST.�

Will my prior convictions come up?

Criminal Offense reporting has become more and more effective. Assume that the prosecutors and judges will know about every prior DUI arrest. Make sure to inform your lawyer of your arrest history.

Why can�t I just plead Nolo?

Back in the day, a nolo plea kept your license from being suspended. Nolo is no longer an option. Nor can you plead �first offender.�

Do I have to go to Court?

Depending on the jurisdiction, you will have to go to court at least once and perhaps more. We believe that clients should attend DDS hearings.

Out of State Drivers

Out of State Drivers cannot get a temporary permit upon conviction. Your home state will likely learn of the conviction and impose the equivalent suspension normally imposed in your state. If you reside in Georgia � even part time, then it may be wise to obtain a Georgia Driver�s license.

How much are your fees?

As is typical in the field of criminal defense, our DUI fees are flat rate. However, they are based upon the amount of time we anticipate working on a case. Typically, fees are not usually less than $2,000 or more than $6,000.

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