DUI Success Stories

Driving Under The Influence

  • A Conventioneer visiting Marietta for business, accused of drunk driving when she got a flat tire on I-75. She refused all Breath Tests. State v. D.S., Marietta, Ga.: NOT GUILTY.
  • Accused of 3 DUIs, all pending simultaneously.
    State v. S.G, Atlanta, Marietta, Woodstock
    All three cases: NOT GUILTY
  • Accused of driving home drunk with his family (and his boat) from Lake Allatoona.
    State v. R.T, Canton, Ga.: NOT GUILTY
  • Accused of causing an accident and flipping his car while driving drunk.
    State v. R.H., Decatur, Ga.: NOT GUILTY
  • Accused of speeding on I-75 drunk with her infant son while under the influence of cocaine. State v. D.B, Marietta Ga.: NOT GUILTY
  • Accused of Driving Drunk with a Blood Alcohol Content of .21 and open alcohol containers in the car. Defendant submitted to all Sobriety Tests.
    State v. K.L., Marietta, Ga.: NOT GUILTY
  • 17 y.o. accused of driving home drunk from the neighborhood swimming pool.
    State v. B.M., Marietta, Ga.: NOT GUILTY
  • *20 y.o. accused of drunk driving after leaving a party, striking his mailbox and parking in a ditch.
    State v. C.S., Marietta, Ga.: NOT GUILTY
  • Accused of DUI after striking an embankment on I-75 at Bells Ferry; a marijuana pipe was found in the car and police blood test was positive for marijuana and alcohol.
    State v. B.F., Marietta, Ga.: NOT GUILTY
  • Accused of DUI after she left the Dixie Tavern and made an �illegal� U-turn.
    State v. D.T., Marietta, Ga.: NOT GUILTY
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